Bitumen Emulsion SS1

 Bitumen Emulsion SS1

Anionic Bitumen Emulsion SS1 is two phases of water and bitumen which is not possible to mix and first inter phase is inside of outer phase.Particle size of emulsion is 0.1 to 5 micron.

In normal conditions and without emulsifier the two parts of emulsion SS1 is unstable and quickly will segregate. By adding emulsifier into water and bitumen that is alkaline salt with Ammonium Salt in high speed mixer at ISO condition making Bitumen SS1. Percentage of emulsifier is 3-5%  and total water content is between 30-50%. By adding Emulsifier to bitumen and water we put anionic electron on the material and each particle of bitumen became like as circle with size of 0.001 to 0.01 mm and become floating in water.Using Bitumen SS1 is environmental friendly since any flammable material or kerosene is not used and firing of the bitumen during the usage would be zero.

This kind of anionic bitumen has more adhesive to building material which is contain lime

Application of Emulsion SS1

It is using for cold asphalt in cold or humid or sealing.

Packing of Bitumen Emulsion SS1

It is in 208 Kg steel drum.

80 drum we can load to 20 ft container.

ANALYSIS OF Bitumen Emulsion SS1

Bitumen Emulsion SS1

iran bitumen 160/220ANALYSIS of Bitumen emulsion SS1