• Bitumen Emulsion

    Bitumen Emulsions Bitumen Emulsions have being developed and exponentially increased sinned they were created in 1900. Estimated presently at 20% of ...

  • Penetration Bitumen

    Penetration Bitumen Penetration Bitumen Grade is a standard bitumen usually used as a Paving Grade Bitumen essential for road construction and for ...

  • Cutback Bitumen

    What is Bitumen (Asphalt) Cutback Bitumen? Bitumen is ‘cutback’ by adding controlled amounts of petroleum distillates such as kerosene. This is ...

  • Oxidized Bitumen

    Oxidized Bitumen Oxidized bitumen is blown asphalt which is exporting in various grades as Oxidized Bitumen 115/15,Blown bitumen 90/40,75/25, 85/25, ...

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Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

Asphalt 115/15, Oxidized Bitumen 105/15, Oxidized 150/5

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Bitumen 60/70

Iran Bitumen 60/70, Bitumen 80/100, Bitumen 85/100

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Cutback Bitumen

Cutback SC250, Cutback MC250, Cutback SC800, Cutback MC800

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